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The most advanced

Wine Cellar Enclosure

combining superior performance

with sleek design 

VITRUS Bare-Shell Option
Photo 1 - VITRUS Furnished Version (with wine racks)

VITRUS, the most advanced wine cellar enclosure, has been meticulously crafted based on extensive experience. As a versatile modular system, it includes insulated floor, wall, and ceiling panels, as well as framed glass doors and framed fixed glass panels that seamlessly come together to form the enclosure, along with a wine racking system that can be chosen from a variety of options.

Unlike the many others being marketed as "glass wine cellars" which are far from providing proper storage conditions for wine due to the lack of necessary insulation features,

VITRUS represents an advanced dimension of wine storage, a safe harbor for wine lovers seeking the ultimate wine cellar enclosure.

Now available with

Infinity Effect

This optional feature,

patented exclusively for VITRUS,

utilizes a series of reflective surfaces and specialized lighting to create an illusion of infinite space within the wine enclosure.

Photo 2 - VITRUS Furnished Version (with wine racks)

Narrow frames maximizing transparency

VITRUS - Features 4
VITRUS - Features 5

Self-contained cooling unit without remote condenser eliminates refrigerant piping and drain connection

VITRUS - Features 1

Excellent thermal insulation, ultimate air-tightness

Heated profiles avoiding condensation even in humid regions

VITRUS - Features 2
VITRUS - Features 3

Blocks harmful effects of light

VITRUS - Features 6

Fully customizable and configurable

VITRUS - Features 7

Comes with many optional add-ons

VITRUS - Features 8

DIY friendly, easy installation

VITRUS offers great design flexibility thanks to its endless configuration possibilities. The enclosure can have glazing on one, two, three or all four sides. It can be built-in or free-standing with single, double or triple door. It goes without saying that the dimensions are also customizable according to your need.

Endless Configurations

VITRUS - Configurations 1-Door

Various Racking Systems

VITRUS - Racking System - Post System

Post System

VITRUS - Racking System - Drawer Unit

Drawer Unit

VITRUS - Racking System - Wine Peg - Label Forward

Wine Peg - Label Forward

VITRUS - Racking System - Wine Peg - Cork Forward

Wine Peg - Cork Forward

VITRUS - Racking System - Inclined Shelf

Inclined Shelf

VITRUS - Racking System - Acrylic Rack

Acrylic Rack

Great Selection of Finishes

Glass Border
VITRUS - Glass Border - Finishes 1
VITRUS - Glass Border - Finishes 2
Any RAL Color
VITRUS - Metal Frame - Finishes 1
Any RAL Color
Wood Inlay
door frames only
VITRUS - Metal Frame - Finishes 2
VITRUS - Metal Frame - Finishes 4
VITRUS - Metal Frame - Finishes 5
Metal Frames
Interior Finishes
Wood Series
Lacquer Series
Metallic Series
Stone Series
Customized Finishes
VITRUS - Interior - Finishes 1
VITRUS - Interior - Finishes 2
VITRUS - Interior - Finishes 3
VITRUS - Interior - Finishes 4
VITRUS - Interior - Finishes 5
Wood Series
Design Series
Metal Series
VITRUS - Floor - Finishes 1
VITRUS - Floor - Finishes 2
VITRUS - Floor - Finishes 3
Wood Inlay
Door frames only
VITRUS - Metal Frame - Finishes 4
Leather Inlay
door frames only
Leather Inlay
Door frames only

VITRUS can be purchased through an authorized dealer network in the USA, Canada, and all other countries.

Do you have a project in mind?
Send us a message for any questions and/or a quote. A VITRUS dealer will contact you soon.

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